Kilimanjaro - Arrival in Arusha

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Arusha Sign Post After around 20hrs of flying, and half that again in various airports, we finally arrive at our destination – Arusha, Tanzania.  A city of contrasts, stark poverty and lack of basic services combined with what I can easily say are some of the most happy, cheerful and friendly people I’ve met. Of our 19 travelers, 4 arrived without their luggage, compliments of Precision Air.  Apparently this is normal, as luggage tends to travel according to Tanzania Time, which is really just ‘whenever’. Arusa is 116km from the base of Kilimanjaro, which is off to the left according to the sign posts.  At least we won’t get lost.  Arusha is a city in northern Tanzania, the capital of the Arusha Region, with a projected population of 1,288,088.


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