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Australian Post Codes

Australian Post Codes

Friday, 1 May 2020

A free, public domain database of Australian post codes and geo data, collated public sources and the community.
Includes Long/Lat and over 18,000 entries.

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NSLookup from ASP.Net

NSLookup from ASP.Net

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Today I found myself writing code to review the validity of the many, err, dozens of domain names that I oversee.
I wanted to incorporate this into my personal intranet site, written in ASP.
NET using the 4.
5RC framework.
The task was to validate whether a domain name was correctly delegated, with valid A records pointing at one or more of my web servers, or externally hosted servers.
Using the system.
net assembly to query a domain record is relatively trivial, but using it to query external name server delegation proved to be somewhat cumbersome, so I decided to simply use Window’s built in nslookup tool, available since Windows 2000 (and maybe earlier!).

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